How quickly can I expect my order?

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. Special orders and large quantities may take longer. Most orders are shipped within 48 hours and delivered within 6 days depending on location.

What if I need my order the next day?

We are often able to accommodate rush orders. Just give us a call by noon, and normally we can ship your order overnight to meet your deadline.

Do many precasters use the High Concrete Accessories line of products?

Yes, the majority of precasters across the United States as well as some in Canada and Puerto Rico use our time and money-saving products.

What type of lead times should be considered when ordering products?

In most cases, we have an inventory of all of the products on hand in quantities that you will need for your project. We often are able to have the products to you overnight and ready to use in production. However, we prefer to have at least a week’s lead time to process your order and send the shipment to you the most economical way possible. This will save you overnight or rush order shipping costs.

What colors are available in the Swift-Lift Covers, Burke Lifter Cover and Spandrel Sleeve Caps?

Eleven standard colors including gray, brown, red clay, white, beige, cork, sand, rose, toast, ecru and taupe are available on Swift-Lift Covers, Burke Lifter Covers and Spandrel Sleeve Caps (circular and square). You can also order custom colors to match your specific project requirements for a one-time $500 set up charge.

Do you have a flat cap that could be used to cover a miscellaneous void that is not a lifting anchor?

We now offer the option of ordering the Swift-Lift Cover without the conical anchor gripper. "Swift-Lift Cover No Back" allows you to cover any void with a diameter of up to 6-1/4".

What is the inside dimension of the Double Tee Stem Blockout?

The inside dimension for the Double Tee Stem Blockout is 3" x 5-3/4".

Are discounts available for large orders?

Single order volume discounts are available depending on the product and quantities ordered. The discounts by product are outlined below:


Product 5% Discount Order (min.) 10% Discount Order (min.)
Double Tee Stem Blockouts – Chamfered 2,000 5,000
Double Tee Stem Blockouts – Radius 2,000 5,000
Spandrel Sleeves 1,000 2,500
Wide Shoulder Spandrel Sleeves 1,000 2,500
Short Wide Shoulder Spandrel Sleeves 1,000 2,500
Column Sleeves 1,000 2,500
Girder Sleeves 1,000 2,500
Grouted Connection Tubes 1,000 2,500
Grouted Connection Tubes with Weep 1,000 2,500
Swift-Lift Covers 1,000 2,500
Swift-Lift Covers – No Back 1,000 2,500
Burke Lifter Covers 1,000 2,500
All Caps 1,000 2,500
Bridge Tee Blockouts 1,000 2,500
Composite Connection Blockouts 1,000 2,500

* The above discounts are for product only.

What are the inside clear dimensions for the Grouted Connection Tubes?

The inside clear dimension for the 2" Grouted Connection Tube is 1-5/8". The inside clear dimension for the 3" Grouted Connection Tube is 2-5/8". Additional Grouted Connection Tube design information can be found in the Load Test Data.

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